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What documents shall inspector show to an entity subjected to inspection before such inspection starts?

Before starting an inspection inspector shall have the following package of documents:

  • Inspector's ID;
  • Decision on inspection;

*In case of spot checks: evidence supporting at least one of the grounds stated in art.19 of Law 131 of 08.06.2012;
*In case of planned inspections: expiration of the notice period stated in art. 18 of Law 131 of 08.06.2012; Making the relevant records in the Book of Checks.

What should I do if inspector refuses to show the package of documents supporting inspection?


  • prohibit access and refuse any cooperation with the pretended inspector;
  • call for the support of police to evict the pretended inspector;
  • you are obliged to notify the inspection monitoring authority about the detected violations.


How many days ahead shall an entity be notified about a planned inspection?

The planned inspections are announced at least 5 business days before the date of inspection.

The control entity will send a copy of the decision on inspection to the individual subjected to inspection so as there is a 5 day span at least between the date of the receipt of the copy and the date of inspection.

How long can an inspection last?

Regardless of the ground and type of inspection, it shall not last longer than and the inspection statement shall terminate after 5 calendar days from the achievement of conditions stated in art.21 paragraph (1) item (b) and (f).

*In case of spot checks, the 5 day deadline may be extended by additional 5 days by the manager of the control institution supported by a grounded decision.

Where can I get information about the findings of an inspection?

*The inspection document shall be issued and handed to the individual subjected to inspection for a written confirmation on the control document after inspection is over.

Who shall bear the inspection costs?

All the inspection-related costs shall be borne by the control institutions, unless otherwise stated in law.

To how many inspections one entity may be subjected in one year?

One and the same control institution shall not conduct more than one planned inspection to one and the same entity in one calendar year.

The spot checks regulated by Law 131 of 08.06.2012and the repeated checks are not considered.

May I ask an inspection to be postponed?

In case of strong reasons you may ask (just once) the control institution to suspend or postpone an inspection if the latter could have an adverse impact on or suspend your activity or for other objective reasons.

What is a book of checks and why is it necessary?

The book of checks is a register maintained by individual entrepreneurs or businesses or by some of them to record all the inspections conducted by control institutions underLaw 131 of 08.06.2012.

When and how does the control institution make public the schedule of inspections?

The control institution shall approve the schedule of inspections for the next quarter and make it public the end of the running quarter.

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